Paid Time Off Benefits


“All work and no play makes Jack or Jill dull and unhappy”.  Towne encourages associates to make good use of their earned time off benefits!

Full-time associates enjoy 40 hours of paid vacation after 6 months of continuous employment averaging a minimum of 35 hours worked per week.  On the first anniversary of continuous employment at 35 hours per week, they will have earned another 40 hours of paid time off.

Newly Hired Associates
After 6 months of continuous service 40 hours
After 1 year of continuous service 40 hours
After One Year of Service at Jan. 1st each year
2 years – 5 years of continuous service 80 hours
After 5 years of continuous service (6th year) 120 hours
After 10 years of continuous service (11th year) 160 hours

Full-time associates, working a minimum of 32 hours per week, but less than 35 hours per week, will receive pro-rated hours of vacation based on the average hours worked. 


The following paid holidays are observed and are enhanced by extra “floating” days off, i.e. the Friday after Thanksgiving and more depending upon the day of the week the holiday falls!

  • New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Independence Day

Full-time associates averaging at 35 hours worked per week earn personal/sick time at 3.34 hours a month to a maximum of 40 hours annually.  Those averaging at least 32 hours per week, but less than 35 hours per week will receive a pro-rated number of personal hours based on their average.

Unused personal/sick pay may be banked to a maximum of 240 hours to be used for significant medical or emergency events as well as a maximum of 80 hours to be used by the non-primary care giver for bonding with a new born or adoptee.