Insurance Benefits

Towne is sensitive to the fact that insurance coverage is an essential component of a company’s offerings as it  provides associates with security and protection from major health and financial risks as well as the opportunity to practice prevention and well care.  All full-time associates averaging a minimum of 32 hours worked per week are entitled to the following benefits’ offerings; those averaging at least 30 hours but less than 32 hours worked per week are entitled to group health insurance only.

Towne’s self-insured Group Health Insurance Plan offers three options ranging from low to high deductibles; robust networks of providers and prescription drug coverage.  Three choices are offered with Towne paying 50% of the premium for Option One and Option Two and 60% for Option Three.

Towne supports several wellness initiatives and is always open to suggestions:

  • Sponsors and pays for an annual health risk assessment and blood draw for all associates and their spouses participating in the group health insurance.
  • Pays for annual flu shots for all associates.
  • Many communities feature their own fitness centers available to associates.
  • Financially supplements boot camp, weight loss initiatives, wellness seminars, etc.

Towne realizes its associates are never more vulnerable than those times when disabilities prevent them from working or when death may leave a family financially unstable.  To help full-time associates cope during these times of stress Towne purchases the following benefits:  

  • Life Insurance equaling annual compensation to a maximum of $50,000.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment equaling twice the annual compensation to a maximum of $100,000.
  • Short Term Disability provides 50% of the weekly wage for 13 weeks after a 14 day waiting period.
  • Long Term Disability provides 60% of gross wages after 90 days of disability. The length of the benefit period depends upon the designated class and the age of the associate at the onset of the disability.
  • Dental Insurance through MetLife Insurance Company
  • Vision Insurance through MetLife Insurance Company
  • Voluntary Term Life Insurance through Principal Financial Group
  • Cancer, Intensive Care, Accident, Life and Disability through AFLAC
  • KEMBA Credit Union
  • Auto and Homeowners Insurance through MetLife Insurance Company (not payroll deducted)